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What is ELTEL

E = exchange free

L = lodging for

T = travel

E = en

L = leisure

What is Gap Year Exchange?

You swap your room with a member's room abroad at your dream destination and enjoy free board and lodging you don't need to pay a penny for rent , Eg You live in UK and you would like to explore Australia for a year. You state this in your profile UK to Australia Gap year exchange. You can enjoy many networking benefits learning from others and about your new destination before hand which can make your live so much easier and plus you get to save lots of money and get many job offers which gives you the priviledge to be selective in the comfort of your own home right here. Plus you will have peace of mind knowing where you will be living before you arrive.

Free holiday world wide

Choose your holiday style from Summer holidays, Leisure breaks. Weekend City Break, Ski Holiday winter sports, Family and kids holiday, Gap year student exchange lodging for free stay abroad.

How does it work

You swap your guest room, cough, apartment or home and enjoy free leisure accommodation a smart way to connect with the world.

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1. Add photos of your property

(a) nearby tourist attraction. (b) Public transport, (c) airport distance, (d) activities, events, pubs, bars, restaurants, etc. (e) accommodation number of sleep 2/4, (f) fascilities, eg, swimming pool, washing machine, 2. (a) 1 bedroom & shower, (b) 2 bedrooms & ensuite, (c) Holiday apartment, (d) cough surfing


3. Add your dream destinations and countries. Add more than one country to ensure great response.



You can't beat a free holiday.

Read these simple and easy steps and let your journey begin.

Meet real people with common interest from all over the world make new friends for life and have fun at your dream destinations.

Enjoy a welcoming visit in charming homes with your friendly host and feel right at home in a relaxing homely atmosphere.

Live like a local discover new adventures and learn exciting activities explore the world.

Learn from other cultures life style, cuisine, dancing, traditions and music enrich your knowledge a rewarding experience, a unique holiday to treasure.

See an exotic world with magical landscapes golden beaches, picturesque nature breath taking views and meet friendly people who awaits your arrival. 

Get much more for less with Smart holiday, a holiday worth talking about.

Broaden your horizone and circle of friends a social world is fun, exciting and adventurous.

Most of us visit family or friends local or abroad,

Now you can visit the world at any dream destinations meet the world so much to see and do.

Smart Social holidays are designed just for you, it is not just a holiday it is a social world.

Bonn voyage!!

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2 bedroom flat
Bedrooms : 2
Cape Town, SouthAfrica
Stay in Dream home f ..
Bedrooms : 6
London, United Kingdom
Switch holidays Woki ..
Bedrooms : 3
Woking/Byfleet, United Kingdom
Swap visit to India
Bedrooms : 4
Delhi Cantonment, India
London to Paris
Bedrooms : 3
Woking/Byfleet, United Kingdom
Apartment to Swap Pr ..
Bedrooms : 3
Pinerolo, Italy